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Startup Founders


As a startup, you need to have a playbook at your disposal. A developed vision and strategy need to be implemented in order to hit the ground running. We have the consulting team ready to validate and accelerate your startup. 

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We Know Startups

Success does not come without proper planning and execution. You must have a roadmap to define, build, and ultimately deliver on your mission. In order to do this, you must communicate and train your startup team for long-term strategy. That's where we come in.


Donnelly-Boland and Associates have the proper consulting talent and startup-friendly pricing. You're moving at lightning pace with a small team to get your minimum viable product ready to raise funds and find more investors. We know you wear multiple hats, our team consists of startup veterans, from early-stage employees to entrepreneurs in residence. Our expertise begins at the earliest stage of organizing your company to assure a proper exit.​ In addition, our team can help you apply, win, and manage SBIR, STTR, DARPA, NASA, DoD, EDA, USDA, and other government grants.

We Work At Your Pace

Although each startup is unique, most of our clients have similar struggles. Below are a few areas we can support your team:

Consulting and Operations. Offload all of your administrative tasks. You'll need Gusto payroll and benefits management, CRM dashboard and buildout, "Admin Tech Stack", and more developed and organized in order to hit the ground running. We can handle it all while trying to acquire those government grants for you. 

Accounting and Finance. Prepare for your future investments with confidence. You'll need constant data reports to impact your forecasting and financial management. Without experienced assistance, you won't have a proper handle on your investment strategy. We use industry-standard programs such as QuickBooks Online for infrastructure design and automation.

HR and Recruiting. Attract and retain top talent by using our key hire planning and candidate screening methods. Our team offers proactive team onboarding and offboarding while managing and automating your JazzHR systems. We study so you don't have to.

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