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Nonprofit and Government Agencies

Nonprofit and Governments

Focus on your mission, let us handle the rest. While you help to enrich the lives of your community members, we can support every facet of your organization’s needs behind the scenes.  

We Know Nonprofits and Governments

Both nonprofits and governments provide a vital role in servicing the community. Oftentimes staff members wear many different hats. Not only are you asked to deliver on your mission, but you also are juggling every other task that keeps an organization running. You want to push your organization's mission out to the community, but you can't do that if you are pulling your hair out over back-office tasks. That's where we come in.  


Many nonprofits and governments are often wrestling with compliance and reporting. You must categorize your expenses properly so your books are correct. Unfortunately, many organizations are missing some of the accounting and finance experience to make that process smooth. 

Where We Fit In

Although each nonprofit and government entity is unique, most of our clients have similar struggles. Below are a few areas we support: 

Reporting and Compliance. Unlike “for-profit” businesses, nonprofits and governments are required to follow a number of reporting and compliance guidelines. Everything from your chart of accounts to your tax return will play a role. You must categorize your expenses properly so that the income statement reflects financial integrity. You'll need to show that the money received and paid out is supporting your organization's mission and that every dollar funded is accounted for.    

Employee Support. You have the personnel, but no designated HR person. It can become easy for HR issues to slip through the cracks. Employees need to have clear rules to follow (employee handbook), support with their benefits (benefits administration), and all of the HR compliance needs to be taking place behind the scenes (like the required I-9 Forms). Rather than trying to hire a full-time HR person or put someone in that role who doesn't have the experience, you can partner with us to give you a customized solution.  

CRM. Although we can support a wide array of communications and marketing needs, the area that most nonprofits and governments need support with is their database for reaching people. How will you reach your existing community? How will you track things? Whether you need support with campaigns or your CRM (customer relationship management) system, we can help!  

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