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Financial Literacy

Individual Services

Financial literacy has proven to be a crucial stepping stone in the management of life's economic hurdles. You may not understand aspects such as your cash flow, taxes, debt and risk management, and so on. However, we are here to manage and supply all of this information to make sure you understand what's in store for you!

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We Understand Your Needs

We understand starting on your own can be difficult. Managing life's finances can cause extensive stress that takes energy away from what matters most to you. You shouldn't have to stress over your taxes, debt, and cash flow while you plan for your future. Deciding where you want to be by next year can be tough enough, let alone managing your estate and retirement plans. With all of these different moving parts taken into consideration, it's can be too much to handle on your own. You need a team behind you to set you up for success while you reach your goals

Where We Fit In

At Donnelly-Boland, we offer an array of resources for individuals that vary to their benefit.​ You can file with us, or you can plan your financial future with us, we've got everything in between. Every individual's circumstances are unique to them, but there will be common issues to address:

Taxes. At the very minimum, we can file your taxes with you, but we also offer bookkeeping, reconciliation service, and general counseling of your finances. When you partner with us, you get so much more than support during tax season. We offer year-round reports and services.

Planning for your Future. In almost all cases, the most successful stories come from those who had methodically planned for their future. Taking the time to research and develop an approach to your long-term financial goals is just as important as putting those plans to the test. With Donnelly-Boland, you won't have to stress over the foundation of this. We devote our time to you and your needs, no matter the size.



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