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Human Resources Professionals


Understanding the ins and outs of a business is difficult enough on its own. Throwing employee relations and protocols into the mix can be too much for some businesses. We offer a tailored solution so you can get back to what's important.

Human Resource Services

Many small to medium-sized businesses do not have the capability to employ a full-time Human Resources staff, but still need human resources support. That's where we come in. 

As employee relations get more complex, Donnelly-Boland stands ready with our professional and experienced staff to meet your needs with a tailored response, one customized to your business or organization.

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What Level of Support Do You Need?

One-Off Projects

Our Human Resources team can complete one-off projects to help your business stay organized and follow all required laws and regulations. For example, we can develop your employee handbook so your business has codes and policies that are needed to protect the company in the event of disputes.

Setup & Handoff

Although we can offer our services year-round, we can also complete tasks and handoff projects when you're ready to take over such as recruiting and onboarding. We can use our optimized processes to solve your time-sensitive issues. 

Outsourced Solutions

All human resource teams must spend their time making sure clients meet all compliance regulations, have appropriate staffing, and culminate all necessary filing for all employee documentation. It isn't easy keeping  all of this in order, so let us be your solution.

Employee Handbook

Employment law, codes of conduct, benefit policy, disciplinary actions, and much more all come together to make the employee handbook. Creating an employee handbook that best suites your organization takes time, but we'll manage the hard work.

HR Compliance

If you don't have a thorough understanding of applicable laws and regulations it can lead to unacceptable work practices. HR compliance defines these procedures while coinciding with company objectives. Boiling down these complexities is what we do best.

Benefit Administration

Offering strong benefits helps attract and maintain valuable employees. You must have an effective administration process to manage the different plans and benefits so your employees can choose what's right for them. The lower your turnover rate, the more everyone wins.


Recruiting can be an incredibly time consuming process. It can take weeks to post the job listing, let alone finding the right candidate to fill the role. Why struggle with this when our team can expedite the process? 

Personnel Files

Personnel Files are the culmination of all employee documentation. Keeping records in check for every employee can seem like an impossible task, but our HR team is dedicated to tackling it so you don't have to.


Once the issue of recruiting is resolved, a new set of challenges arise in the form of onboarding. Getting a new hire trained and acclimated to your company's standards takes time and is just as important as getting the role filled.

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