Social Media Strategy

Your small business uses social media – great! But now what? As recently

as a few years ago, just being on social media was enough to gain a business

some credibility, but now you need to find a way to stay engaged. Below are three tips to enhance your company’s social media presence.

Choose the Right Platforms

Many people still think that social media is one thing, but really each platform is very different. Determine which platform(s) your company should be on. It is sound advice to

start with one platform and grow from there. Oftentimes, businesses think it is a great idea to sign up for four or five different social media platforms, and then a few are rarely updated.

Here are some basics about the main five platforms:

• Facebook – users of all ages; the easiest to use/schedule posts; integrating ads

• Instagram – focusing on images; slightly younger audience; linked to Facebook for scheduling

• LinkedIn – professional platform; great for sharing longer content

• Twitter – best for community engagement; most time needed to keep this updated

• TikTok – newest of the core platforms; more time to edit and create content; much younger audiences

To determine the best platforms for your brand, you need to determine your goals. If you want to engage with the community, you may choose different platforms than if your goal is

simply to generate more revenue.

Content Strategy

Posting on social media is easy, but it takes time. If you determine how frequently you want to post, identifying the types of posts, and creating a plan to generate fresh content,

you will have a much easier time with standardizing your processes. Content

calendars are essential to keep everyone on task and keep your content


Content calendars are a great way to see your social media picture as a high level overview. When I create content calendars I include items for creating the content (who is responsible? why does it need to be completed?), the types of content (brand awareness; community engagement; educational purposes), the frequency of posting (one a week? three times a week? once per day?), and the nuances between the platforms (this is a good post for LinkedIn, but not for Facebook). Content calendars are a great way to create repeatable success.

Provide Value

So many small businesses believe that their posts should be highlighting their specials or their services, however, it has been determined through massive amounts of research that most consumers don’t react well to that. I do not mean that you should never post about your business, but those shouldn’t be your only posts. Consider the ways in which your business can provide value to people. Focus on showcasing your knowledge of your industry rather than just pitching your services. This will help to build relationships with your community.

Social media is changing rapidly. Staying on top of the trends will help your company filter up to the top of social media feeds. If you need any help with your social media approach,

reach out to me!

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