Social Distancing

By: Matthew Fazio, CAD Coordinator at Donnelly-Boland

It is impossible to turn on the television, the radio, or social media without being bombarded with messages about COVID-19. Some people may even be working from home. Here are a few tips to help you transition to social distancing.


Even if you are working from home, make sure to stay active. If you have a treadmill or exercise bike, make some time each day to keep your blood moving. There are tons of options on YouTube, so try out yoga or a cardio workout even if you are in your house for the majority of your day.


Emails are great, but do not forget to make phone calls. This is a way to continue to feel connected to one another. This also applies to your friends and family, too. Instead of texting your mom, give her a call.


There is the temptation to use this time of social distancing to binge everything Netflix, Hulu, and Disney+ have to offer, but don’t fall into that trap. Sure, I like watching television shows as much as anyone, but use this time wisely. Spend time with the people in your home. Spend time organizing your closets or tackle a home project you’ve been putting off.


Even if you aren’t coming in the office, still stick to your morning routine. Get up, exercise, take a shower, get dressed, and be prepared to start your day. Without a routine, it is easy to let days upon days just slip away.

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