Monthly Wellness Topic for January

January is National Blood Donor Month. Read below for some great information. Also, don’t forget to check out the Live Well Allegheny link at the bottom of this message.

January 2021 National Blood Donor Month

Winter is one of the most difficult times of the year to collect enough blood products and donations to meet patient needs and is why National Blood Donor Month is celebrated every January. Donating blood saves many lives and improves health for many people.

Below are 6 amazing facts about blood donations.

Not enough blood for all of us – According to the American Red Cross, about 38% of the U.S. populations can donate blood – but only about 10% actually do.

Fill’er up with regular (donations that is) – Brookhaven National Laboratory says that people who begin donating blood at age 17 and donate every eight weeks will have donated 48 gallons of blood by age 76.

Donate blood and get medical info – When we donate, labs examine the donation for multiple infectious diseases.

The multiplier effect is huge – Every time we donate one pint of blood, the potential is there to save three lives.

Reduces heart disease risks—Donating can help eliminate any excess buildup of iron in the blood, which can lower your risk for a heart attack.

Burns calories—The blood donation process typically burns 650 calories. Before you roll up your sleeve and commit to being a regular blood donor, check if you meet the American Red Cross’ requirements to safely donate blood by visiting

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