Contact Management Systems

As this pandemic has shown us, utilizing social media for your business is now more important than ever. This is all in an effort to stay connected to your audience, even when it isn't face to-face. Social media is an excellent tool to reach people, but you cannot be sure your target audience is really seeing all of your posts. Email marketing is still an incredibly viable source for contact engagement. But to email people, you need to have good lists. Have you ever considered the importance of maintaining your own contact management system? Keeping a detailed online record of your company contacts and the best way of getting in touch with them can ensure more streamlined communication, and more engagement.

Quick Communication

As Covid-19 has shown us the importance of communication, especially when guidelines change overnight, having a proper contact management system in place allows you to communicate with all of your contacts quickly and efficiently. When last minute cancellations or reschedules have to be announced, getting the word out to your contacts would be virtually impossible without a record of them. Not only does consistent communication boost your company image, but it prevents any confusion or dilemmas that can easily arise during these unprecedented times. A contact management system will prove to be extremely helpful for several marketing and administrative facets. By keeping a contact management system, you have a quick assess point to all of your contacts. Keep in mind that this is more than just email blasts. You can store all contact information, client notes, and even use reporting features to group clients or prospective clients together for targeted messages.


When you are looking to build a stronger client/customer relationship or when you are looking for feedback on an event the company has recently held, the easiest way to get feedback is through a survey. They do not take much time to put together, and surveys give you insight into what your customers are looking for. You can even track your results within your contact management system.


In addition to announcements and surveys, you also can be engaging with your client base through regular messaging. However, to do this, you must have an updated contact management system. This way, you are ensuring that whenever you send out advertisements and marketing materials, they are actually reaching your audience. Without having a viable mailing list, you're only reaching a fragment of your clients.


At Donnelly-Boland, we host regular complimentary DBU seminars that provide our community with educational, relevant topics. Without our mailing lists, we would not have nearly as many people attending our events. By reaching a broader pool of contacts, you statistically have better odds at a higher turnout. If you have any questions on setting up and maintaining an effective contact management system, contact us.

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