Adapting to the "New Normal"

At the start of 2020, no one predicted the turn we would take just three months into the year. But nonetheless, everyone around the world was forced to adapt.

Donnelly-Boland employees had to spend a considerable amount of time working from their homes to keep themselves, their families, and our clients safe. But as Allegheny County moved into the Green Phase, we started to open back up our offices.There were several precautions we put into place and continue to practice every day while we're back to work.

Entry Screening

Upon entering our building, all Donnelly-Boland employees have their temperature taken. Employees with an abnormal temperature are sent home immediately. Our screening stations include facial recognition and ease of use. Necessary visitors and guests are also screened.

Work Stations

Additionally, we have spread out our employee's work spaces to avoid further contamination, and follow the CDC's and PA Health Department social distancing guidelines. We installed partitions that slide shut on our cubicle openings, helping to miminizie airborne contaminants, and create small offices for each of our employees.

Face Masks

We also require all personnel who enters our offices to wear face masks at all times. This includes both employees and guests. To help this process, our company provided each employee with five reuseable face masks.

Video Conference Meetings

At the start of Allegheny County's lockdown period, Donnelly-Boland immediately suspended all in-person meetings until further noticed. Now, with Allegheny County in its Green Phase of reopening, we are still utilizing video conferences as much as possible. A benefit of video conferencing is that more people are free to join, being that the need for travel and possible schedule conflicts have been taken away. This is something we have also applied to our DBU complimentary educational seminars. In June, we held our first Zoom seminar, which focused on QuickBooks Online and the accurate tracking of Payment Protection Program funds. As we progress forward in this uncertain time, we believe video conferencing may be here to stay longer than we think. This may be the new normal for client meetings, instead of going to grab lunch.

While we address the changes our business has had to make to adapt to the current times, it's important to note that these may not be the only changes to come. With new recommendations and regulations changing by the day, it's important for organizations to stay updated.

If your organization is struggling to develop a plan in regards to social distancing, feel free to reach out to us.

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