Accounting À La Carte

By: Ian Episcopo, Staff Accountant

In an ideal world, your business or non-profit organization would have complete support of an accounting firm to fulfill all of your accounting needs. However, due to budgetary constraints, that is not always feasible. Allow Donnelly-Boland and Associates to step in to assess your current functions and we can find the scalable solution that’s right for you!

The Various Components

Many people think accounting is just bookkeeping, but in reality it is so much more. There are many processes that fit together to make up the full accounting function of an organization. Some of the major components include general ledger and financial reporting, accounts payable and receivable processing, payroll, and benefit administration. Organizations have various needs, and it is our job to help you identify which needs are most critical.

Unique Situations

Although Donnelly-Boland and Associates can perform all facets of typical accounting functions, some of our clients pick and choose specific services they need. Whether you need help with project work, short-term resolutions, or permanent solutions, Donnelly-Boland can provide the help to meet your unique situation.

Working Within Your Budget

Many organizations, especially non-profits, have strict budgets. Work needs to be completed correctly, in a timely manner, and under budget. Since 1992, Donnelly-Boland and Associates has worked with organizations with such restrictions. We can assess your organization's accounting functions, and help stretch your limited funds.

Needs Assessment

Each organization is different and has distinct needs. We have different levels of accountants on staff to perform all functions from basic tasks to the most extraordinary challenges. Donnelly-Boland can give your organization the personal attention it needs to become more successful.

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