Help with Your Personal Taxes

Ready to File?

You can fill out our client questionnaire online.

Print it out, and then bring it along with your tax information to one of our locations.

Don’t have a printer?

That’s OK. Just bring all of your tax information with you to our office and we’ll help you from there!

Tax Planning Services

Did you know that tax planning is an important component of retirement planning and wealth management?

Let our team of dedicated tax professionals work with you, looking ahead and thinking strategically about where your personal or family finances will be years from now.

We take a comprehensive look at your financial portfolio, then our experts craft a personal tax strategy and financial planning approach customized to your needs and financial goals. Learn more on our Tax Planning page.


Individual Taxes

At Donnelly-Boland and Associates, we handle individual returns ranging from the simplest filing to the most complex tax issues.

Professional, Experienced Tax Services

Since 1992, Donnelly-Boland has served the Pittsburgh region by delivering high-quality tax services for a competitive value.

With experience and integrity, we offer:

  • The assurance that a licensed Certified Public Accountant (CPA) will always review your return for accuracy
  • Simple and efficient processes for handling your return
  • A drive-through window at our Brentwood location for dropping off your taxes
  • Competitive pricing

Best of all, Donnelly-Boland is open year round for tax help and consultation, including tax compliance services and tax planning.

Call Donnelly-Boland today at 412-882-5383, or complete our easy Contact Form.  Your inquiry is important to us.

Filing for a Tax Extension

Whether you missed a filing deadline or know that a tax extension will be necessary this year, the experts at Donnelly-Boland can help you file an extension and walk you through the process.

Let Donnelly-Boland bring you the peace-of-mind that a filing extension can bring. We also make certain your return is accurate and includes all the deductions to which you are entitled.

Contact Donnelly-Boland today for the help you need with tax preparation, year-round!

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