Personnel Files

Did you know that specific files should be maintained for each employee?

At Donnelly-Boland, we can review the completeness of your company’s employee files, provide a written report, and more importantly, assure you that your personnel files are in proper order moving forward.

Special Projects
in Accounting

In addition to assisting with special projects in Human Resources, Donnelly-Boland has the capability to help with one-time or infrequent tasks in Accounting too.

From audit preparation and budget development/review to new business startups, we have the experience to keep your financial department running smoothly no matter the challenges.

Visit our Accounting Special Projects page to learn more.


Human Resources

Special Projects

From preparing employee handbooks to helping “onboard” new employees, at Donnelly-Boland and Associates, we’re ready to assist with those one-time and occasional HR projects.

Call Donnelly-Boland today at 412-882-5383, or complete our easy Contact Form.  Your inquiry is important to us.

Employee Handbooks

It can be detrimental when employees and supervisors interpret how to handle sensitive situations on their own. An employee handbook provides a baseline for quality and customer service standards, and helps employees and supervisors understand what is required of them.

Exempt and Non-exempt Employees

One of the most serious and costly decisions you can make is whether you classify an employee as “exempt” or “non-exempt” from overtime and other wage and hour laws. Improperly classifying an employee can be a very expensive mistake.

At Donnelly-Boland, we have both the experience and expertise in applying the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) to evaluate your company’s compliance with wage and hour laws, as well as employment classifications.

Onboarding New Employees

Whether gathering résumés, interviewing and selecting candidates, or orienting new employees to the company culture and their new positions, onboarding is a critical process, one where Donnelly-Boland and Associates has the experience to help.

At Donnelly-Boland, we can recruit, interview, and implement onboarding plans. We cover all aspects of onboarding to free you and your staff for the job you do best – building your business.

To speak with an experienced HR Professional, call Donnelly Boland today at 412-882-5383 or make your inquiry using our easy-to-complete contact form.

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