Customized HR Help

Whether your business needs help with a specific Human Resources function or would benefit by outsourcing HR entirely, we can customize the perfect solution.

At Donnelly-Boland we have a proven track record, with over two decades experience, making HR work for local businesses.

We have small business solutions, midsize and large organization support, and the ability to customize our response to your unique business needs.

Process Outsourcing for Accounting

In addition to assisting with the needs of your Human Resources Department, Donnelly-Boland also offers Process Outsourcing for Accounting too.

We offer a broad range of expertise, from the guidance of a CFO or Controller to the day-to-day assistance of a staff accountant.

Get the support you need by visiting our Accounting Process Outsourcing page.

Human Resources

HR Process Outsourcing

Small and medium sized businesses are often overwhelmed by the burden and complexity of HR rules and regulations. Failure to comply with these regulations can result in hefty penalties for your business!

Experienced HR Help is Available

When you call on any Donnelly-Boland and Associates HR professional, it’s the same as having an experienced HR department at your back.

Why choose Donnelly-Boland as your outsourced Human Resources Department?

  • Substantial savings compared to hiring and training new staff
  • The help with common HR services you need, from employee handbooks to performance management
  • Consistency in services, without the interruptions or turnover of an in-house HR department

Call Donnelly-Boland today at 412-882-5383, or complete our easy Contact Form.  Your inquiry is important to us.

Affordable HR Services, Tailored to Your Needs

We offer customized HR services that are scalable to any size business, so that we can meet your needs today and tomorrow.

By taking advantage of Donnelly-Boland’s HR professionals, you and your staff are free to concentrate on core business functions and the mission of your organization, without worrying about HR regulations and compliance.

To speak with one of our HR Professionals, contact Donnelly-Boland today.


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