Helping You Meet Today's Challenge

A change in key personnel does not always come at a convenient time.

Your business may be faced with urgent projects, operational challenges, merger discussions, or financial issues at the same time when a retirement, sick leave, or even a death leaves your business floundering.   

Donnelly-Boland and Associates can step in immediately to help.

Process Outsourcing

In addition to helping you business with a personnel transition, at Donnelly-Boland we can provide immediate outsourced help for your Accounting & Financial Department.

It's the Affordable Alternative to In-house Accounting.  Take advantage of Process Outsourcing to fulfill some or all of your accounting needs.

Your personnel resources can be put to better use than keeping up with accounting chores and regulations. Let the experts help!

Learn more on our Process Outsourcing page.


Transition Management

From retirement to disability, when personnel changes affect your finance department, the loss of key employees can be disruptive.

Let Donnelly-Boland and Associates step in to help with the transitional process.

Managing Organizational Change

At Donnelly-Boland and Associates, our transition management services take the pain out of organizational change by supplying the accounting talent you need at any level, from Chief Financial Officer (CFO) to basic accounting.

What situation is your company dealing with?

  • Pending Retirement
  • Maternity Leave
  • Family and Medical Leave (FMLA)
  • Sick Leave
  • Long or Short-Term Disability
  • Permanent Loss of Key Personnel

Call Donnelly-Boland today at 412-882-5383, or complete our easy Contact Form.  Your inquiry is important to us.

Experienced Transition Teams

Donnelly-Boland offers a broadly skilled staff of professionals with experience helping governments, nonprofits, and service businesses with their specific needs.

We are ready to step in today, providing the expertise you need to keep the financial gears turning for your business or organization. Contact Donnelly-Boland today. We’re ready to help.

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